Animal Shelter

It is a temporary shelter for strays, lost, found, and quarantined dogs and cats. Our service includes: 

  • Animal Adoption
  • Caring for stray and unwanted animals
  • Education on responsible pet ownership
  • Zoonotic disease prevention

New Animal Shelter

The new Odessa Shelter was opened on April 11th, 2023. Stray, abandoned, and quarantined animals are housed in a state-of-the-art facility. Citizens can adopt or reclaim their special family members and purchase microchips and vaccinations.

Help pets in our community with your gift.

Your gift to Odessa Animal Shelter saves animals. When you give, you provide improved medical care and quality of life to the animals in our care, and you help keep loved pets with their families and out of the shelter. Click the donate button to send your donations.

Veterinarian Inspection & State Inspection

As mandated by the Texas Health and Safety Code 823, a veterinarian annually inspects the Odessa Animal Shelter. Dr. Kenneth Waldrup DVM completed the last inspection in February 2023. The Odessa Animal Shelter has passed every inspection.

Per Texas Health and Safety Code 826, a Texas Administrative Code, Rabies Control and Education Section 169.26, the Department of State Health Services will inspect the Animal Shelter facility annually. The Odessa Police Department Animal Shelter has passed every inspection.


As in City Ordinance 2-4-5; animals are held for 3 days. After that, the animals's disposition may be determined by the space available at the shelter.
If the animal is injured, diseased, sick, or aggressive, the holding period may be waived.

Euthanization - State Procedures

As per the State Health and Safety Code 821.052 and 821.053 and the Texas Administration Code Title 25 Part 1 Chapter 169.84, animals are euthanized by injection only.

Approved Fosters

Fosters must be part of an organized 501 (c)(3) rescue group, complete an application at the shelter, provide a copy of their Driver's License or state-issued identification, and allow an Animal Control officer to inspect the premises where the animal(s) will be sheltered. The application must be approved by the Shelter Director (City ordinance Chapter 2 Article 2-3-4)