Water Distribution

Water from the Treatment Plant is conveyed to approximately 32,000 customers using approximately 600 miles of water lines.


The Water Distribution Division employees strive to provide 24-hour coverage to respond to emergencies and to ensure minimum disruption to water service. We have proactive maintenance programs for all appurtenances in the system such as:

  • Exercising isolation valves
  • Repairs to fire hydrants
  • Replacement of deteriorating lines
  • Water meter replacement

Even with the preventive maintenance program, water lines break. City of Odessa's Utility Department employees do whatever it takes to repair these lines and restore water service to our customers as quickly as possible.

Updating Old Infrastructure

Water Distribution crews are constantly making connections to provide water service to new construction and to existing buildings occupied by new customers. As a part of the Utilities Department's Capital Improvements Program, a portion of the aging or undersized water distribution lines are replaced annually.