Wastewater Collection

All wastewater discharged is collected and conveyed to the Bob Derrington Water Reclamation Plant utilizing about 500 miles of sewer lines.


The Wastewater Collection Division employees respond to problems in the collection system which could result in inconvenience to the customer. Our planned maintenance program involves the rehabilitation of manholes and cleaning and vacuuming service lines to remove accumulated grease and debris in the City's main lines. Using a crawler-mounted TV camera, wastewater collection lines are regularly inspected for deterioration which could lead to failure, and are scheduled for repair or replacement.

The employees in this Division work hard to ensure that our customers have uninterrupted sewer service.

Updating Old Infrastructure

In addition, sewer service connections are provided to new developments and to existing buildings. A portion of the aging infrastructure in the wastewater collection system is replaced annually as part of the Utilities Department's Capital Improvements Program.