Starting Pay

Paychecks are issued every other Friday.

• Police Recruit Intern - $14.51/hour
• Police Recruit - $23.99/hour.
• Police Officer - $28.05/hour
• Police Corporal - $30.67/hour

Tuition Reimbursement

The Odessa Police Department offers tuition reimbursement for employees seeking to attain educational goals and improve job-related skills and qualifications. Courses and degree plans submitted must meet the following requirements:

• Courses may be online or in-person but must be accredited college-level undergraduate or graduate courses. The Department will reimburse tuition at the actual cost per semester hour charged by Odessa College, Midland College, and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB). There are many different qualifying colleges and universities to choose from, including:

Abilene Christian University
Angelo State University
Midland College
Midwestern State University
Odessa College
Sam Houston State University
Sul Ross State University
Tarleton State University
Texas A&M University
Texas Tech University
University of Texas Permian Basin

• The Training Coordinator and the Chief of Police must approve the courses for reimbursement before the semester begins.
• Employees with pre-approved courses must show that they completed the course(s) with a grade of C or above, along with paid receipts for tuition and other reimbursable fees.
• The Department will also reimburse expenses of textbooks and required fees (other than loan fees) at 50%.
• Employees who leave within four years will be required to return some or all of the reimbursement.

Less than one year – 100% return
One year to less than two years – 75% return
Two years to less than three years – 50% return
Three years to less than four years – 25% return
Four or more years – 0% return.


• 11.5 paid holidays per year.
• Christmas Eve (½ day) and Christmas Day
• Good Friday
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
• Memorial Day
• New Years
• One floating Holiday (to be taken between January 1st through December 31st)
• President's Day
• Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving

Paid Vacation (Unileave)

Unileave may be taken in one-hour increments and has an unlimited accrual. Employees with Unileave accrual will be compensated upon the termination of employment at the rate of one-for-one. The accrual for full-time employees is as follows:
• 0 to 4 Years of Service: 17 workdays per year
• 5 to 9 Years of Service: 22 workdays per year
• 10 or more Years of Service: 27 workdays per year

Military Leave

Will be granted in compliance with State and Federal laws when the employee furnishes copies of military orders to their supervisor.

Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS)

Mandatory retirement program where the employees contribute 7% of their gross income, and it draws a variable or amount of interest each year. Upon retirement, the City matches the funds two-to-one. Employee contributions to TMRS are tax-deferred until such time as the employee receives those monies, either in the form of a refund of contributions upon termination of employment or a monthly retirement benefit.

Health Insurance

Full medical coverage is provided to an employee only depending on deductible at no cost. A copy of the Summary Plan document will be provided to each employee. Dependent coverage may be added for an additional expense. Coverage is effective 90 days after employment. Dental coverage is paid by the City for employees. Dependent dental coverage is available at a minimal expense to the employees.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is provided to each employee at no cost to the employee and based on the employee's annual salary. There is double indemnity on accidental death.

Social Security

7.65% is paid by the employee and matched by the City. This fund aims to provide more benefits for retirement.

Worker's Compensation

Any employee injured on the job shall be covered by Worker's Compensation and will not be liable for medical bills. A full-time employee will have their compensation benefits supplemented by the City to receive full salary for six months.

Deferred Compensation

Allows employees to take income out of the peak earning years and invest it to provide additional income during retirement. Income taxes are deferred until the employee retires or leaves the plan and begins receiving payments.


$8 each month for each year of creditable service with the City. You may choose to receive your longevity pay pro-rated each pay date, or you may choose to have the City accumulate your longevity pay throughout the year and receive a lump sum on the November 20th pay date.

Other Benefits

Odessa Employees Credit Union
• Education/incentive pay
• Family Health Clinic
• Health and Wellness Fitness Center
• Long Term Disability (LTD)