Tree Planting

Benefits of Trees

Planting new trees enhances Odessa and helps our city thrive! Trees are vital for sustainable community growth, economic vitality, and public health. Trees:

  • Beautify neighborhoods and public spaces
  • Boost consumer spending
  • Encourage outdoor physical activity
  • Increase property value
  • Lower energy consumption of homes and businesses

Help your tree get a healthy start!

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Before You Plant

Read through these procedures before you plant:

  1. Select the right location to plant your tree
  2. “Call before you dig” – Dial 811 to have underground utility lines marked for free!
  3. Plant your tree properly (yes, there are many wrong ways to plant a tree!)
  4. Keep your tree growing and thriving with good pruning practices
  5. Get the kids in your life involved in planting and caring for your tree!


For more information on how to properly plant trees, and the importance of trees in our community, visit-