Command Post Trailer

The Odessa Police Department acquired its Mobile Command Post trailer in April of 2008. The $380,000 trailer was paid for using a federal Department of Homeland Security grant. The command trailer features desks, 2 large deployable masts: 1 that offers camera views from 30 feet in the air, and the other extends 15 feet to allow operation of a wireless remote camera that can be placed as far as 1 mile away.

Other features include a workstation, radios and flat screen monitors which doubles as satellite televisions. The back of the trailer is set aside for a conference room. It is complete with SMART board which can use a touch screen to bring up websites and other information to help in planning during critical incident deployment

A flap on the outside of the trailer opens up to display a video screen. The screen projects images through the trailer wall to the outside. It can be used for briefing during an incident or to the media. A diesel generator powers all the equipment on the trailer.


The Mobile Command Trailer is available during Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) situations, missing person cases, riots, natural disasters, etc.

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Tribute Plaque

Next to the main door of the trailer is a small plaque paying tribute to Odessa Police Department Corporals Arlie Jones, Scott Gardner and Abel Marquez, who were fatally shot September 8, 2007, while responding to domestic disturbance. The salesman from the company from which the trailer was purchased provided the plaque.