Community Centers

Odessa public parks features five community centers and one gym:


The Community Centers contain tables, chairs, and performance stage with varied seating capacities of 100 to 200 people.


Community centers are available for private rental from 11 am to 11 pm. The Gym at Floyd Gwin Park is a gym floor and bleacher style seating.

Rental Fees

Each center and Gym will have a Rental Fee and Deposit. Rental fees for the twelve-hour period is shown below:

FacilityRental Rate (per 12 hours)Deposit
Floyd Gwin Park Gymnasium$370$150
Lawndale Park Community Center$470$150
Salinas Park Community Center$120$200
Slator Park Community Center$120$200
Sherwood Park Community Center$300$150
Woodson Park Community Center$120$200