What will you learn through the academy?

Due to the broad range of services Odessa Fire Rescue (OFR) provides to the community, the CFA will consist of a wide variety of opportunities for participation. Some of these opportunities may be physically and emotionally demanding. Each participant will have the opportunity to have some hands-on experience, as well as acquire an overall general knowledge of the fire service and its function in our community.

Participation in exercises is optional. Some of the hands-on experience may include wearing firefighter protective gear. Some participants will be invited to wear a fully encapsulated Level "A" suit, used in hazardous materials incidents. The participants will also use portable fire extinguishers. Each applicant should know their limitations, and communicate those limitations promptly and clearly.

The participants will be permitted to ride along on a fire engine at various fire stations, giving them a fuller perspective of the life of a Firefighter both in the station and on emergency runs.

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1. What is Citizens Fire Academy?
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4. What will you learn through the academy?
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