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Odessa Police Reminding Motorists that it’s Illegal to use Left Turn Lane for Merging

Post Date:08/29/2019 1:47 PM


So far this year, OPD has issued 111 citations for Improper Use of Continuous Left Turn Lane and has responded to several crashes that have occurred as a result of this violation.

Left Turn Lane Reminders:

1) A continuous left turn lane shall only be used for making left turns into a private drive, alley, etc.

2) Motorists are prohibited from turning left into the continuous left turn lane and then using it to merge into other lanes.

3) Motorists using the continuous left turn lane should slow their speed or stop if necessary to avoid
colliding with other vehicles lawfully approaching from the opposite direction in the left turn lane. 

4) Improper Use of the Continuous Left Turn Lane can result in a fine of up to $126.

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