Medication Drop Box

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April 30, 2014, The Permian Basin Regional Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse has teamed with Odessa Police Department and will be placing a Permanent Medication Box at the Odessa Police Department in the entry way. We will be having an informal ribbon cutting ceremony on May 1, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. located at the Odessa Police Department to kick off the Medicine Box being placed in Odessa for the safety and well-being of our community.

Starting on MAY 1, 2014 the community of Odessa will have a permanent drop box at the Odessa Police Department and citizens from Odessa and surrounding communities will be able to drop off all prescription and over the counter medicines in the box anonymously. The boxes will not accept aerosol medicines, syringes, and injectable or used intravenous solution due to being potentially hazardous. The medicines collected will be safely disposed of by the Odessa Police Department which will help to eliminate issues of water contamination and hazardous issues with our land.

For every 1 overdose death from prescription painkillers there are: 10 treatment admissions for abuse, 32 emergency department visits for misuse or abuse, 130 people who abuse or are dependent, 825 people who take prescription painkillers for non-medical use according to the Centers for Disease Control. The Permian Basin Regional Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and the Odessa Police Department hope to diminish the abundance of unused medicines in our community by having the Medicine Box in place so that people can freely come and discard all off there unused medicines and ensuring that they are not put in the wrong hands for misuse.